Welcome to 'P3 Synergy Consulting'. We have achieved a critical  milestone this September 2018 . We are now 10 years old and counting. We couldn’t have come this far without the patronage of our clients who have put food on our table for all these years. We are thankful to the candidates who have been interacting with us,many of whom we where able to assist in their career. Last but not the least, to our team who have worked so hard over the years to build this company . ​
The Human Resource industry is fast evolving.  The work force once called ‘Human resource’  is now called ‘Human Capital’ . This paradigm shift  is a shot in the arm for the working class as this transformation profoundly changed  the way they are treated in the workplace. Looking at the current job market scenario, the industry is now undergoing  the next phase of change wherein  proliferation of  digitalization, automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc.  are in vogue. The ramification of these technologies on the industry is intimidating  on  one hand and  yet promising  on the other .
The above validates the maxim ‘Change is the only constant’.  But then, this is also the axiom of life itself where work is a significant part of it and hence any change in the workplace impacts life . Thus, the mantra of the future working class will be to ‘Be proactive by skilling, Re-skilling and adapting to changes to meet the current demand of the work’.  We as a consulting firm will strive  to lend a professional helping hand to the workforce in practicing this mantra to make their career more fruitful and their life more meaningful.